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Kauffman’s Woodworks for building Amish sheds was started thirty two years ago by Jacob Kauffman .It was 1982 and Jacob Kauffman started making Gazebos and Amish sheds along with many other items. At this time Mr. Kauffman was taking care of three dairy farms and planting crops to take care of his Holstein cows and planted tobacco.

Mr. and Mrs. Kauffman have ten children. How Mr. Kauffman could run three farms that produce milk and feed for cattle as well as tobacco and run the wood shop I just do not no. He is a very strong man! Today his one son takes care of the milk farm close to the wood shop it’s land buts up to the shop. The twin boys run the farm down the road.

Mr. Kauffman’s daughter and son in-law run the other milk farm that’s the farthest away. Mr. Kauffman now owns no farms and his son Joseph and daughter in-law Rachel have taking over the wood working business as of October of 2013. Mr. Kauffman is not retiring he still works six days a week he is sixty three is in better shape than most thirty year old men I no . He keeps the family going helps everyone. I was just there and he was helping a family member pick tobacco on a very hot day. This family sticks together and loves each other very much.

Joseph will make his dad proud running the company .I can say I have had the pleasure to work with such great family. I look full word for a long relationship for myself and my son and my wife . I have had the pleasure of staying in the Kauffmans home with my wife and I we love this family and have enjoyed being brought into there home! Joseph already has two sons Elmer and Jacob and a daughter Rebecca ready to take over when Joseph Kauffman retires.