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Amish furniture is of course, furniture that is made by traditional old world Amish families and communities. It is made of 100%, all natural, untreated wood containing absolutely no particle board or laminated pieces. Due to Amish prohibitions against the use of electricity, most tools in Amish shops used to shape and manipulate the wood, are powered by pneumatic equipment that runs on alternative sources of energy. Amish communities generally allow for the use of some technologies, and where the trades that are most important to the entire community are concerned, there are often special  considerations given.

There is a great degree of attention paid to the many fine details in the wood during the furniture-making process. Where each piece of wood is selected for the quality and directionality of its grain so it matches the specific requirements for the type of furniture being built. Amish craftsmen then turn their attention once again to the grain of the wood and considers the best way of connecting pieces together to show of the beauty of the wood and enhance as much as possible the overall look of the finished piece. Amish furniture is prized not only for its beauty and durability, but because it  is considered to be a green product from the materials used to the very process by which it is manufactured. Amish Furniture builders and woodworkers take great pride in their work and think of the products of their craft to be both not just furnishings, but practical works of art that can be lived in and appreciated for many generations.