We provide Rent-to-Own options through RTO NATIONAL offering affordable alternatives for your storage needs.

Unlike off-site self-storage, RTO National provides a path to ownership.
Why rent self-storage when you can rent then own!

Match the rental plan with the storage building that fits your needs. As a leader in providing creative, affordable storage solutions, RTO National provides plans that are best suited for you. All Rental Purchase Agreements allow for early payoffs with no penalties. Why rent self-storage? Rent then Own!


Do you require a deposit?

RTO National requires your first and last month’s payment prior to delivery of your building. Your last month payment is held in deposit and applied to your last payment in your contract or payoff amount.

When do my payments begin?

Your first payment will be due on the 5th of the month following the delivery of the building. The delivery person will provide you with the first payment coupon and you will receive a payment coupon book in the mail to use for all future payments.

Can I purchase the storage building after I have entered a Rental Purchase Contract with RTO National?

You can pay off your contract at any time with no penalties. RTO National applies a discount to your rental agreement based on the term of your rental agreement and the number of payments you have made. Please refer to your Rental Purchase Agreement for details.

What if something happens and I can no longer pay for my storage building?

A rental contract is a month to month Rental Purchase Agreement. You can terminate your contract at any time.Just call us and we will schedule a convenient time to retrieve the storage building.

Do you report to credit agencies?

Since your Rental Purchase Agreement is a monthly rental contract, we do not report to credit agencies. Credit reports are not requested or reviewed to determine eligibility.

Do I have to wait for an approval to participate?

No. We give instant approval with completion of all rental information and receipt of your initial payment with a credit card or check.

What are my options for making monthly payments?

You will receive a coupon book within a couple of weeks from the delivery of your building. You can mail a check or money order to our processing center or you can call customer support and pay with credit or debit card or a check by phone. We also provide automatic draft payment options.