Amish built Horse Barns are the strongest, highest quality and by far the most beautiful barns you can own. The combined Amish barn raising 150×150 Horse Barns traditions of craftsmanship and natural materials, as well as hundreds of years of accumulated experience within the families and the communities, makes the Amish the premier craftsman of our day and age.

Combine that degree of experience and skill with an innate and absolute appreciation for animal husbandry, and what you end up with is a group of folks that can not only build the very highest quality structures in the world, but know how to design structures like Horse Barns better than anybody else in the world, to house your prized chargers. Amish Horse Barns will last longer, they will look better, they will protect the investment represented by your horses and your horses will live have healthier lives as a result. we make all size horse barns from one to very large barns.

Mr. & Mrs. Wible have bought one of the Kauffmans horses named Misty and love horses and cows they have at their home. To see Misty look in the Kauffmans shed catalog she is pulling the Amish buggy.

Now if you can get all of that for the very best, most affordable price, don’t you have an obligation to your bottom line and to yourself and your horses to at least call us and find out more about our Horse Barns?

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